Sunday, 10 January 2010

Am I a (supply side) revolutionary?

Michael Gove has declared that it is time to ‘bring down the curtain on the tragedy of educational failure.’ For the modern Conservative party education reform is, he says, a ‘moral crusade’. I applaud Gove’s zeal and believe that his commitment to fighting educational inequality is very real. What I cannot decide is whether or not I support his plans for a ‘supply side revolution’ in education. Am I willing to put on my chain mail and join his crusade against what he calls ‘complacent local bureaucracies’? Will allowing schools to be ‘free’ really help to break the link between educational success and parental income? And, if the revolution is successful, how will it feel to be a parent, a teacher, a pupil in New Sweden?

Decision making time.....

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  1. Great work, man! Can't wait to dig into this a bit more!